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11 KV 33 KV
General Particulars 11KV 33 KV
Highest System Voltage( H.S.V.) 12 KV ( r.m.s.) 36 KV (r.m.s.)
Power frequency dry/ wet withstand voltage on primary winding for one minute 28 KV ( r.m.s.) 70 KV ( r.m.s.)
Lightning Impulse withstand Voltage ( 1.2 x 50 μs ) 75 KV ( r.m.s.) 170 KV( r.m.s.)
PD measuring Voltage / Permissible Voltage 7.6/50 23.0/50
System Particulars  
3 Phase 4 Wire with Isolated / Floating neutral as well as solidly earthed. 3 Nos. CTs & 1 No. 3 - Phase PT
3 Nos. CTs & 3 Nos. 1 - Phase PT
3 Phase 4 Wire with Isolated / Floating neutral as well as solidly earthed. 2 Nos. CTs & 1 No. 3 - Phase PT
2 Nos. CTs & 3 Nos. 1 - Phase PT
Specific Particulars  
Short Time Thermal Current (Ith) As per customer requirement.
In general CT is to be specified with STF of 100 for 1 Sec. or STC (lth) equal to the system fault level whichever is lower. KA ( r.m.s. )
Output 10 VA to 100 VA for VT
5 VA to 30 VA for CT
Secondary Current (CT) 1 Amp or 5 Amp
Secondary Voltage (VT) 110 Ph-Ph or 110/v3 V, Ph-Neutral
Primary Current (CT) As per customer requirement.
(Upto 2000 Amp.)
Primary Voltage (VT) 11KV, 22KV, 33KV for 3-Phase VT
11/v3, 22/v3, 33/v3 for 1-Phase VT
Constructional / Salient Features
1. The metering cubicle consist of a pilfer resistant metering chamber on top of CT-PT chamber.
2. The metering chamber is designed to accommodate tri- vector meter of any make conforming to customer requirement
3. Wiring in meter chamber is color with ferrules for easy identification
4. The front door of the meter chamber has a glass window covering the glass with M. S. wire mesh for viewing the reading
5. CT-PT Chamber accommodates epoxy resin cast CTs & VTs. It has ample clearances as per standard.
6. All the joints and hinges of the cubicle are welded internally making it inaccessible and pilfer resistant from outside.
7. Both the chambers are dust and vermin proof and have locking and sealing arrangement.
8. Any additional features can also be provided, if required by customer.
9. Dimensions of metering cubicle are conforming to specification given by various boards / corporations
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